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COVID-19: Media Behaviors Reports


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Exploring Meaningful Media

Worthwhile video content - Brut.

Impacting culture through brand partnerships – Refinery29

At Havas Media, we invest in media that matters.

We understand where to find the most meaningful media using our unique Mx system. We build a Media Experience (Mx) that connects a client with their target audience – in the context of where they are, through the content they pay attention to.

The Mx System creates value for our clients by turning consumer intelligence into clear growth targets, aligning stakeholders and KPIs through the custom Mx Brief, and measuring the impact of rich and respectful media experiences.

Because we believe that more meaningful media can help 
build more meaningful brands.

Peter Mears , Global CEO , Havas Media Group

At Havas Media, we invest in

media that matters.

Part of Havas Group, Havas Media operates in over 140 countries and services its clients through a portfolio of specialist teams that span media, strategy, digital, data consulting, programmatic buying, performance marketing, mobile, out of home and geolocal, social media, experiential, entertainment and sport.

Our global team

Peter Mears
Global CEO , Havas Media Group
Alfonso Rodés Vilà
Chairman, Havas Media Group , Chairman, Havas Group Spain
Greg James
Global Chief Strategy Officer , Havas Media Group
Marc Schader
Global Chief Client Officer , Havas Media Group
Jorge Irizar
Global Chief Operating Officer , Havas Media Group
Céline Merle-Béral
Chief Human Resources Officer , Havas Media Group
Erin Flaxman
Global Chief Growth Officer , Havas Media Group
Cyril Joyet
Global Chief Financial Officer , Havas Media Group
Xavier Miret Carceller
Global General Counsel , Havas Media Group

Your dedicated team

Colin Kinsella
Havas Media Group North America
200 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013
+1 646 587 5000
Barbara Kittridge
EVP, Business Development
Havas Media North America
200 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013
+1 646 587 5000
Lisa Rodriguez
Chief Talent Officer
Havas Media Group North America
200 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013
+1 646 587 5000
Hillary Meahl
VP, Marketing and Communications Director
Havas Media North America
10 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02110
+1 617 425 4100

Meet some of our client partners from around the world

Our work

Killing Eve

For the premiere of TV series Killing Eve, we created a communication campaign across digital, social and OOH in Milan, Rome and Naples. In Milan, we implemented the first ever “Moohbile Real Sync” campaign in Italy, allowing users to interact with DOOH screens through their smartphones.

Client: TIM

Agency: Havas Media Italy and Havas Milan

Creating retail–traffic through intelligent GPS data mapping

Using mobile geolocalization technology, ALDI avoided an expected 40% increase in flyer distribution costs by identifying the neighborhoods that had the highest concentration of ALDI clients and those with few or none. We reduced distribution in low interest areas saving €2.2M and used the savings to invest in improving ALDI’s digital presence to attract a much more modern segment.

Client: ALDI

Agency: Havas Denmark

Project SAVE

Project SAVE – Signage & Adspace Versatile for Emergencies – implemented in the Valenzuela, one of the Philippines’ most flood-prone cities, saw outdoor advertising formats, including billboards and banners, double up as boats, life-rafts, spinal boards and other disaster response equipment that could be deployed in as fast as 18 seconds.

Client: City Government of Valenzuela

Agency: Havas Ortega and Adcity Philippines

Ready, Steady, Sparkle!

To increase consideration and sales, we charmed audiences with a fully interactive OOH fruit-machine game, providing everyone with an engaging and unique experience. In London, Manchester and Glasgow, we showcased the endless possibilities of Swarovski’s Remix collection by encouraging audiences to bring to life their own personal designs on the big screen. As a result, we saw significant increases in sales and footfall.

Client: Swarovski

Agency: Havas Media and Adcity UK

Kia Dealer Coop Platform

In order to increase footfall in Spanish Kia dealerships, we created the “Kia Dealer Coop Platform”, a system that planted the first seed of digital transformation and made it easy to create and manage Google Display campaigns, turning Kia dealers into Google Display advertising experts.

Client: Kia

Agency: Havas Media and Ecselis Spain, powered by DBi Spain

Finish Kadin Series Integration Campaign

In order to turn Finish’s sponsorship into a true brand experience, we set out to make people watching ‘Kadin’, the most popular TV series in Turkey, believe they were going to an ad break, only to have it turn into a continuation of the previous scene just after the ad break was announced.

Client: Finish / Reckitt Benckiser

Agency: Havas Media Turkey

Deforested Bones

We needed to raise awareness in Colombia about deforestation, so we decided to use art as a tool and created an exposition called Deforested Bones. We transformed the remains of dead trees in deforested areas and built them into life-size sculptures that represented the main threatened species in Colombia.

Client: Museo de Historia Natural, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Agency: Havas, Havas Media and Havas SE Colombia


This was a ground-breaking entirely media led campaign where the media truly became the message. We used outdoor to evoke that ‘oh sh*t!’ feeling when you drop and smash a phone as we launched free screen repair for O2 as part of an industry-first for new iPhone sales.

Client: O2

Agency: Havas Media and Adcity UK

Kia Lead Generation

To offer visitors the best digital experience, improve the conversion rate from click and visit to the website, to test drive or sale, we created a complete digital ecosystem that considered all the steps that lead to a sale and then integrated it into Kia’s Call Center and CRM.

Client: Kia

Agency: Havas Media and Ecselis Spain, powered by DBi Spain


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