OOH & Geolocal

Data is everywhere. Digital has become the norm. Adcity is a new cross-channel, data-driven OOH and geolocal solution leveraging proprietary data tool Adcity Solutions to connect brands and consumers across everyday life.

Local experts

Our experts understand sales territories and local, cross-channel, online and offline media. By analysing and developing data, we can identify flexible spheres of attraction where you can reach specific target audiences.

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Deeper engagement

We go deeper than administrative zones to create life spheres that represent behaviour by similar targets. We can account for specific behaviours such as mobility, consumer journeys, purchasing practices and media consumption.

Close to you

Operating in 35 offices around the world, we offer a full suite of OOH and local communication services in your backyard: audience planning, data and geomarketing consulting, multichannel trading capabilities, and non-media solutions such as street marketing.

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Wherever you are in the world, we have a team near you.